Hi Peter!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our Vault trays! We are big fans of you and your work. I don't know how many of your tutorial videos on editing photos and videos I have seen during Covid when I was getting into photography. Your Lightroom presets helped a lot as well! Oh and I had also just gotten a drone to try drone photography so again, turned to your videos. After a point I was just watching your videos for content. Whether it be the coffee videos, the dirt bikes, the ATVs, the F150 videos(LOVE THOSE), the studio updates and moves etc etc.

But enough of my fan boy moment! Made this quick letter to tell you about Ikeygai Designs and the trays we sent you. We - my partner Noble and I, Sid btw - started Ikeygai Designs about 2 years ago. We are both into the mechanical keyboard world as hobbyists and fell in love with it to the point that we wanted to try our hand at designing our own keyboard. Being in the mechanical keyboard world also means you are more or less into Artisan Keycaps for your keyboards and so we made a tray that can house those special keycaps safely while displaying them.

As for what we sent you, the Vault R and T are SD-card and USB organizers for your desk set up. Working with content creators and taking photos and videos of our products we saw that there wasn't any kind of premium organizers for SD-cards that you could keep on your desk, so we decided to make one. MKBHD made a video where he was reviewing a phones camera and one of the example pictures was of a desk in their studio. On the desk was a 3D printed organizer for SD cards, so the inspiration for this LITERALLY came from and for creators like you.

The Vault comes in two sizes - the R is the bigger one with space for SD, Micro SD and USB dongles. There is also a little open space for smaller things like paper clips, thumb tacks or even hot shoe covers for your camera. The T is a smaller one that holds only SD-cards for those that just need that. Both the trays like our other products are made from high grade machined aluminum and anodized for the color you see. Giving it a really premium feel while being functional. Works great as a photo prop as well.

Hope you like them! Here is the link to the product page if you want to learn more. Thank you once again!!