What are mechanical keyboards?

What are mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are a type of computer keyboard that use mechanical switches to register keystrokes. These switches are typically more durable and provide a more tactile feedback compared to the rubber dome switches found in most traditional keyboards.

Why use a mechanical keyboard?

There are several reasons why someone might prefer a mechanical keyboard over a traditional one.

First, the mechanical switches used in these keyboards are generally more durable than rubber dome switches. This means that mechanical keyboards tend to last longer and require less maintenance.

Second, mechanical keyboards offer a more satisfying typing experience. The tactile feedback provided by the mechanical switches can make typing feel more precise and enjoyable.

Third, mechanical keyboards are often customizable. Many mechanical keyboards come with keycaps that can be swapped out for different colors or styles, and some even come with programmable keys that allow users to assign custom macro functions.

Finally, mechanical keyboards are often preferred by gamers due to their fast actuation and responsive keystrokes.

Types of mechanical switches

There are several types of mechanical switches available, each with its own characteristics and intended use.

  • Linear switches have a smooth, consistent actuation with no tactile feedback. These switches are good for fast typists and gamers who need a smooth and consistent feel.

  • Tactile switches have a bump or tactile feedback when the actuation point is reached. These switches are good for touch typists who want to be able to feel when a keystroke has been registered.

  • Clicky switches have a loud, distinctive click when the actuation point is reached. These switches are good for those who like the sound of a mechanical keyboard and want a more audible feedback when typing.

Choosing a mechanical keyboard

When choosing a mechanical keyboard, there are a few things to consider.

First, consider the type of switch that best fits your needs. Do you want a smooth and consistent feel, or do you prefer a more tactile experience?

Next, consider the size and layout of the keyboard. Do you need a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad, or are you looking for something more compact?

Finally, consider the customization options available. Do you want to be able to swap out keycaps for different colors or styles, or do you need programmable keys for custom macro functions?

Overall, mechanical keyboards offer a more durable and satisfying typing experience compared to traditional keyboards. With a wide range of switch options and customization options available, there is a mechanical keyboard out there for everyone. Ikeygai Designs create unique pieces with the highest grade raw materials with design inspirations from everyday life elements.

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