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IKG Greyscale Hangul

In Collaboration with Reeeyouuuu

Experience the allure of Hangul in a unique manner with Ikeygai Designs' newest collaboration with the renowned keycap designer, Reeeyouuuu. A tribute to the elegance and significance of the Korean script, our carefully crafted keycap set captures the essence of Hangul's phonemic ingenuity. By innovatively splitting the consonants, we've added a contemporary twist to a script that embodies Korea's rich linguistic heritage. Paired with a monochrome palette, these keycaps speak volumes in their simplicity, making for a truly bespoke typing experience.


  • Up to a full Sized Keyboard
  • Split Space-bar
  • ISO Support
  • 6 Novelties of Different Sizes

All In One

The IKG Greyscale Hangul will be only one kit, so everything you see here will be available in the base kit.


  • Cherry Profile
  • Dye Sub PBT


Targeting to keep it between $80-$100

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